Tom Kaley, CEO/President

Kaley Consulting Inc

Kaley Consulting, Inc., provides technical services to evaluate, support and improve facilities management systems, processes, and infrastructure. Specializing in CAFM and CAD systems through our partnership with ARCHIBUS and Autodesk. Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and a common goal – to determine the needs of our customers and deliver the best solution. We work to develop a plan for integrating technology and processes that allow organizations to maintain ownership of their data and focus on their core competencies while sharing information needed by other organizations.

0 Years of CAD Experience
0 Years of Facility Management Experience
0 Years of Space Management Experience
0 Years of Maintenance Management Experience

Our Services


Facilities Management Support Services

Enhanced building operations and space management


CAD Management and Administration

Developing, updating and maintaining your drawing standards


Drafting Services

Clean, create and update drawings of your spaces


ARCHIBUS Implementation and Development Services

Serving as your ARCHIBUS experts before, during and after implementation


Data Administration

Working together with your team to maintain your data


Data Migration

Transition legacy data to a modern system without losing legacy functionality


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